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Character | Batgirl
Series | DC Comics

Construction Notes // 2 panel body suit with a zipper up the back, made from a spandex that kinda looks sorts leathery. Belt is pleather sewn to fit me with wooden dowels i sawed to the right size and then painted all with angelus leather paint. The gloves were made out of leather look spandex and then painted with the same leather paint. The chest piece is styrene attached with velcro that's been spray painted and glossed, as were the blades on the gloves which are made out of styrene and taped together from the inside. Boots were purchased then cut into the bat shape and painted with the same leather paint. Cape is made from matte vinyl and milskin spandex on the inside and it was a huge pain, I'm not super happy with how the back of the cape turned out - I like the front a lot though!!! it attaches to the body suit via snaps, and it's gathered at the shoulder for extra WHOOOOSSHHHHH I borrowed the cowl from my friend Tara!!!! It's made by ReevzFX!!!!

Personal Notes // Barbra is an incredible character, I actually prefer her as Oracle!!

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