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Character | Batwoman
Series | DC Bombshells

Construction Notes // Wig bought from ebay, hat bought from amazon then bat ears made with styrene and black suiting hand sewn on, bat symbol heat n bonded on. Top is black cotton sateen, darted with a zipper in the front. bat symbol and 52 made from red silk, heat n bonded then satin stitched on, the trim is the same silk. gloves are made from red wet look spandex. Belt is stretch red pleather with a buckle I bought to match the figure, belt loops are black cotton sateen on the belt. Skirt is a gathered circle skirt with an elastic band at the top, lined in red silk. Socks were bought from amazon, black elastic hand sewn on. red bat symbols secured to the back of the sneakers with hot glue, attached to styrene. Make up is oil based ben nye!

Personal Notes // Batwoman is a personal hero and I love what a big role she plays in the bombshell comic!!!

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