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Character | Ryuko Matoi
Series | Kill La Kill

Construction Notes // The sailor fuku top/bottom is a dark navy cotton sateen which pretty much looks black in the dark and looks navy blue in the light, and since the character designers couldn't pick a color I thought it was a good match!! Knife pleated skirt, and just a plain woven top with a detachable via snaps fuku, stripes are bias tape! Sleeves are just a little shorter than I would have normally made them then pulled up to right below my elbows, cuff is on the bias so it stretches just a lil. The eyeball is made out of vinyl, covered in clear vinyl hand sewed to the inside of the fuku and attaches to the shirt with a snap. The eye patch and suspenders and weird pouch things are made from matte vinyl! I bought suspender pieces and made my own suspender situation. The scar on the eye-patch is leather look spandex. Shoes are just supras i bought from taobao. Glove is made from red wet look spandex with a thick ass piece of craft foam under it in the shape I thought i could see on her glove, little silver bits are painted styrene and the bracelet is thick craft foam layered and covered in the same matching spandex with a strip of leather look spandex in the middle! Wig purchased from taobao.

Personal Notes // I live and breathe a Ryuko Matoi life style every single day.

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