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Character | Livewire
Series | DC Comics

Construction Notes // Shoes are boot covers made from 4 way stretch vinyl, wearing dance tights from capezio on my legs for white. leotard is also 2 way stretch vinyl, interfaced in the center around the lightning bolt shape with white mesh sewn in to keep it all together. Gloves are turkey gloves with cuffs made from wet look spandex. wig is one long wig from ayanamisatoru i cut and glued a ton of hair back into using fabric glue and hot glue, hairsprayed the fuck out of it and created a fake hairline using fabric glue & loose wefts!

Personal Notes // Livewire is BOMB, I remember being completely obsessed with her episodes in the Superman animated series when I was a kid, this has been one of my dream costumes forever but I was terrified of THE WIG, I'm so happy Krista finally gave me an excuse to tackle it!! Thank you so much Adam for shooting us & helping make my dreams come true.

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