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Character | Catwoman
Series | DC Comics

Construction Notes // Wig was purchased from amazon, ears have a soft foam center and a little dart to make them curve, hand sewn into the wig, Mask is made from worbla and the same spandex I used to make the body suit. Body suit is made of 4 way stretch spandex purchased online from spandex world. Closes up the back with an invisible zipper, has a front seam. Gloves and boot covers are made from thick black spandex purchased from Blue Moon in la, gold nails were cut into the right shape and then spray painted gold & glued onto the gloves with hot glue. Necklace was made from flat brass diddles bought in the beading district of LA attached with jump rings, spray painted gold and then gems were glued on with e6000. The lion decorations were also bought in the beading district. The belt was bought in the same location and it's a metal sort of chain mail, i cut it with craft scissors and hand sewed it around a tube of gold spandex, it attaches to the belt buckle with some velcro.

Personal Notes // My step fathers art gallery was hosting a gallery show to honor Julie Newmar and he asked me to come and make this costume! It was a great excuse to see my family, make a catwoman costume I love and meet Julie herself!!! Adam and I also had a fantastic time shooting around las vegas!! He did such an amazing job making me look & feel super glamorous!

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