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Character | Okuyasu Nijimura
Series | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Construction Notes // wig was purchased from taobao, top is a clip on pony tail, fake hairline created with clear fabric glue. Lightning bolts are made with craft foam, with hair glues/hair sprayed on top, then hot glued to the back of the wig. Shoes bought from goodwill and painted with Angelus leather paint, gold shoe diddle bought from a trim store and sewn on. Socks and tank top made from purple holographic spandex purchased from Blue Moon fabrics in LA, belts were bought green already and gold spandex was heat n bonded to styrene to make the little gold piece that go on it. skirt and top made from satin purchased from LA Alex, skirt is a pleated knife skirt with an invisible zip up the side. Top is lined in a polyester also from LA alex. The top is a princess seam top, with an extra panel that extends from the side seam out across, which is patterned the same way the top is, so it also has 'princess seams' so to speak. Zipper closure in the center, snaps to keep the panel in place. Bias tape is made of metallic stretch denim, also bought from blue moon fabric. Gold piece are made from craft foam and gold holographic spandex Gold dollar and yen signs made of craft foam, heat n bonded to gold spandex, with gold rhinestones e600'd on top. They were then glued to the costume. BILLION is heat n bonded & zig zag stitched on the sleeve, billion symbol is just heat n bonded bc the sewing machine i was using started acting up and just did NOT wanna make it happen.

Personal Notes // My love for part 4 cannot be contained, I love Okuyasu so much, i wish I could wear these costumes ALL THE TIME with my girls!!!

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