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Character | Power Girl
Series | DC Comics

Construction Notes // I made a cincher out of power mesh and wore 3 bras with 2 pairs of socks to achieve powergirl tiddy which sometimes looked just the way i wanted it to and sometimes just sort of pushed my skin/fat around in weird ways? Comic books are hard. The white part is made of two layers of milskin spandex which was NOT thick enough, and I def need to make it again. The piping also needs to be redone, I did it by pinching the seam allowance and sewing a line to make it stick out, but I don't really think it's visible enough . I tried to make the thing without any seams on the shoulders the way it's sometimes drawn but I fucked it up, I'd actually really like to make the leotard again. The medallion and belt buckle are scuply and I cried twice making them it was awful and 3 days after it was painted it still got paint all god damn over my costume. I hate props so much. I've been told because I had to paint in NYC and the weather there is frigid more often than not it effects how paint sets, which may be why this happened. The cape is the same material I used for adam's superman cape, some weird woven that kinda has a spandex sheen. My cape is a 1/4th of a circle rolled hem on the sides, bias tape hem on the bottom. The gloves and bootcovers are 4 way stretch the gloves had gussets it was awful, gloves are awful. Wig from Ayanamisatoru and dance tights from capezio.

Personal Notes // After watching man of steel I got extremely hype on Superman and made adam's costume and my own in a week, I've always found Power Girl's costume to be CLASSIC and I love the design. I'm not sure I quite like how it looks on ME but I love it anyway.

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