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Character | Yoko Littner
Series | Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Construction Notes // I spent around 2 years working on this costume on and off and remade almost all of it at least once. The shoes are white pleather boot covers over a pair of small ankle booties purchased from Payless Shoes. Socks are knit socks with no top elastic band, bought white and dyed light pink by me. Shorts are made out of 4 way stretch vinyl, belt was bought plain and I bought studs and put them on the belt myself to get the spacing right. Belt buckle is sheet aluminum. Bought a bikini top and hand sewed vinyl around it, painted the flames on with angelus leather paint (which is also how I painted the flames on my shoes). Bought beads and put them on the back of the bikini strings. Originally made my gloves and bracelets out of a 2 way stretch pleather which was BAD, and I ended up getting a 4 way stretch matte metallic black spandex which worked much much better for me. Bracelets were made from base bracelets and then added model magic around them to make them poofy and big. The resin gems were made by a friend which I backed in yellow construction paper. Scarf is made from 3 different types of fleece and a separating zipper I bought from Mood. Chopsticks in the hair were bought, then added model magic to make the shape more accurate, and painted. Skull clip was made of sculpy. Wig is 3 wigs purchased from ebay and sharpie dyed, with a foam core. Gun was a gift from Luisito, who also made it!!!

Personal Notes // I can't believe how much time and effort I put into this costume, I learned a lot in the process. Gurren Lagann is an incredibly important series to me.

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