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Character | Alexander the Great
Series | Fate GO

Construction Notes // Wig was purchased from the taobao store COSER along with an extra wig of the same color to make the braids, which ere sewn in. Binder is a big piece of elastic with velcro on the back. Brown pleather top is non stretch and zips up the back with a separating zipper. Gold pleather trim was top stitched onto the top, and golden sun detailing is decorative copper, glued on. Brown skirt is the same pleather, sewn into 5 panels, closes in the back with velcro and snaps, gold trim top stitched on. Shoes were originally plain sandals, which I butchered and made the pieces of his shoes out of the thick brown pleather used for the top/skirt. the gold trim on the shoes was sewn on, and the part that goes on the calf has a back panel of stretch brown pleather so that I can slip my leg inside of it. These were insanely difficult to make, I think I spent and entire day patterning and working on just the shoes. Red X belts on the chest and hips are both made from real leather, cut into the correct shape and then gold pleather trim sewn on with gold metallic thread., and have a snap closure to get in and out of it. This was extremely tedious to do. Red butt cape/skirt facing is a red linen, interfaced with tulle for a spring and lined in a poly cotton, with a thick horse hair in the hem to help keep it wide open. Golden detailing was heat n bonded o the linen facing made of the same material as the golden trim, the trim as sewn on over the detailing.  The top part of the skirt attached to the brown pleather top with velcro to keep it in place. All gold metal detailing is copper and purchased as is at a beading store. The brown gloves have sewn in panels of skin colored sheer mesh to keep the geometric shape looking clean, and are made out of a 2 way stretch brown pleather. Shoulder armor is non stretch brown pleather with gold detailing top stitched on and 3d effect added to the bottom detailing with neoprene sandwiched between layers of pleather. All gold armor is made from gold pleather hot/super glued around craft foam, with gold copper details glued on top. Most of the armor is slip on, or closes with snaps. Cape is made from 6 yards of red velvet, w/ faux fur sewn to the bottom as trim, and gold pleather designs carefully heat n bonded to the back. All fabrics purchased from the NYC garment district.

Personal Notes // I absolutely ADORE rider in Fate/ZERO and since I can't cosplay his big burly self I did the younger version! I was so happy to wear this costume even though it as extremely hot and uncomfortable. It also took around 50~ hours to make and was pretty difficult at some points. I was happy I had a chance to challenge myself, and I had a great time fulfilling my conqueror dreams with Skye & Jessie!

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