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How long have you been cosplaying❓
summer 2008 was when I first started learning how to make my own costumes!! Before that I've always been ✦NERDY✦ but I didn't really know/get cosplaying until I started making stuff myself!! So it's been almost 15 years!


Who makes your costumes❓

99% of the time I do! I absolutely love sewing, so I really enjoy making things! I'm not a big fan of prop making though, so I often get help from friends.

Are you available for convention appearances❓

I am always excited to host panels on costuming, photo editing, modeling, and feminism as well as taking part in convention events. Shoot me an email! 

Do you take commissions❓
My commissions are closed, it just takes up too much time!! I still sell my worn costumes sometimes, but unfortunately, I cannot help with commissions - sorry gang! 

Where did you learn how to sew❓
I’ve been sewing for almost 15 years now - and when I started I honestly had noooo idea what I as doing. I mostly learned from practice, friends who knew more than me, and internet tutorials. Times are different now and i highly recommend youtube!

Do you have any advice for beginner sewers❓
If it’s something you care about getting better at and you keep sewing & making stuff, as long as you keep making an effort to learn & improve then your stuff is going to keep get better. That’s all there is to it, just keep an open mind, be wiling and able to learn from people who know more than you, and practice A LOT!! Take advantage of the internet, there is so much content available online for basic/general & character tutorials, if you're unsure about something never forget to check google!!


Where do you get your fabric from❓
I used to live in NYC & would get the vast majority of fabric I used from A&K fabrics, and I get most of my stretch fabric at spandex world and spandex house!!! 

What's your favorite kind of fabric❓
I use 4 way stretch vinyl, matte vinyl, cotton jersey, cotton sateen & matte satin the most! But my favorite fabric is dupioni silk, I adore the texture.

How did you make X costume❓
I list detailed construction notes on each costume gallery I have, please check that but if you still have SPECIFIC questions then send me a message! It's impossible to answer super generalized Q's!!!

I checked your gallery but the costume I'm asking about isn't there❗
If I don’t have any photos of the costume back yet besides phone selfies then I don’t post it to my website. I really do not like giving construction notes on costumes that aren’t finished/I don’t have decent pictures of because if it’s not finished I’m not even sure the techniques I’m using are going to work/if there are going to be any issues with them! And if I don’t have proper photos then it’s hard for the person asking to tell what’s going on with the costume based on phone quality pictures.

 Things can look different depending on bad lighting/poor quality photos. So when I have new costumes please be patient and wait until I have a photo back to post where you can properly see all the details, at which point I’ll do a full write up for the costume which hopefully will answer any questions you have!!!

How do you make a bunny suit❓
I’ve spent years developing through trial and error my pattern and methods for bunny suits, and I wouldn’t really be comfortable doing a full write up on it. On top of that each bunny suit pattern is different depending on what your body type is like, so what works exactly for me probably won’t work exactly for you.

Here are my helpful bunny tips:
DO A MOCK UP!! Get someone to help you with the mock up, it should be too tight for you to do on your own. If you think you’re using enough boning, you’re probably not, and use steel boning, not plastic. Use a nice strong big plastic or metal zipper, if you use an invisible zipper it’ll break if your suit is tight enough. Bunny suits are not supposed to be comfortable, they should squeeze you in the waist by at least 1” for a really nice hourglass effect. Use at  least 3 layers of fabric (mine are 4) or it won’t be sturdy enough, and do NOT put boning where your boobs are
 sites/forums dedicated to it!

How do you avoid underwear lines/camel toe in leotards/bunny suits❓
Dance tights really help prevent camel toe/underwear lines, I wear capezio brand dance tights!! They’re very secure and opaque, I wear either ivory or natural depending on the costume! & if for some reason I’m really concerned about it and I can't wear dance tights I'll put a little vulva guard down there (I use a thin piece of plastic, usually just styrene or a piece of a water bottle)

What kind of body paint do you use❓
What kind of body paint do you use?
I use Ben Nye Water activated white & grey! for grey I mix them together & for white I just put the white on! That’s what I use for my whole body. I'm not a professional make up artist by any means, I would definitely suggest looking up tutorials from make up artists!

What kind of serger/sewing/embroidery machine do you have❓
I have a Brother Lock 1034D for a serger (it works great!), a Brother SE-400 for an Embroidery Machine, and a Brother XR9500PRW for a sewing machine. It’s a really brother heavy workspace, but they’ve been the best machines I’ve worked with so far!!

What apps do you use to edit your instagram photos❓
Afterlight, beautycam, mirrorgram, meitopic, line camera & photogrid!!

Where do you get your colored contacts from❓
my eye sight is NOT GREAT my left eye is -7.5 and my right is -5.5 AND my eyes are naturally brown so I need intense so what I usually do it i get my contacts from pinky paradise!! they have AWESOME variety and lots of their contacts are available in prescriptions!!! My favorite brand from them is Adult New!! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶

Any anime reccomendations❓
Evangelion (anime & manga), Gurren Lagann (anime), Eureka 7 (anime), FLCL (anime), Princess Tutu (anime), Sailor Moon (anime), Visions of Escaflowne, Death Note (manga), Battle Royal (manga), Detroit Metal City (anime & manga), Panty & Stocking (anime & manga), Kaiji the suffering pariah (anime & manga), One Piece (manga is better for comedy/plot/speed, anime is better for actions scenes/making it laaaasssttttt), Nana (manga), Wolf’s Rain (anime)


What services do you use to order from taobao❓
Personally I use Taobaoring for my taobao needs!! they send you photos of your items after they arrive in hong kong, and their english is pretty decent too!! if you don’t know how to order from taobao/have general questions about it please just google “how to order from taobao” there are a ton of sites dedicated to explaining how it works in detail!

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