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Convention appearances, brand promotion & interviews

Paid event work including, but not limited to:
     ✦ Hosting panels & workshops for a number of cosplay related subjects (Fabric 101, Bodysuits 101, Cosplay Basics Q&A, Cosplay Modeling/Posing 101) along with fitness panels, feminism in nerd culture, and more fun panels like Iron Cosplay & Hentai panels!  
     ✦  Judging cosplay/costuming contests
     ✦  Photo Ops, Autograph sessions & supplying my own merchandise to be signed
     ✦  Creating a custom costume of your choosing for myself, and appearing in said costume for the event.

Also available for interviews with publications & digital media regarding cosplay in any capacity & brand promotion.

​​The more details you include the better, can't wait to hear from you! ✉


thnx for submitting! I'll get back to you ASAP!

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