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Character | Catherine
Series | Catherine

Construction Notes // Made from red cotton sateen, self lined, box pleated trim along the bottom, interfaced bow in the back. Closes with snaps, pink hearts are matte satin heat n bonded on, ribbon for the neck band & little matching ribbons. Wig is made from some crappy wig store wigs at the last minute, fibers were too short and generally pretty bad quality but I tried to make it work. The fibers are hot glued around a wire & clear tape drill curl base, both on the outside and inside which as a huge pain. Wires extend into the wig & bend to lay flat against my head, keeping the curls very upright.

Personal Notes // This is probably the best shoot I've ever done as Catherine in terms of expression, Tif really made me feel SEXY and amazing, she's such an insanely talented photographer!!!

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