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Character | Betty
Series | The Good Old Times

Construction Notes // wig is a lacefront ordered from ebay, pearls & wedding band ordered from ebay, stockings bought at a CVS, shoes were purchased from goodwill. The dress is made from a thick poly jersey, double layered on the top half, a big slightly gathered circle skirt on the bottom half attached in the center. The skirt is hemmed with bias tape on the bottom. The striped fabric is really crappy thin jersey I interfaced to use as the collar/sleeve trim. The apron is made from thick cotton jersey self lined, the lace is hand sewn on so it would maintain its stretch on the top. Closes with snaps in the back!

Personal Notes // I adore this comic by Incase, he's my favorite western adult artist so I was super excited to get to cosplay her! Ron did an amazing job on this shoot, I love how fun and pin up and retro these photos look.

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