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Character | Catwoman
Series | DC Comics

Construction Notes // My costume is based on the Kotobukiya Bishojou statue! Made my body suit out of 4 way stretch vinyl, made my belt, my gloves, painted and sharpened nails to put on my gloves to look more cat like, made my hood which I topstiched and made the ears by inserting thick foam into a kitty ear shaped & darted vinyl pieces. Made  boot covers and vinyl belts which I attached to the boot covers, and bought a pair of goggles which I added model magic to to create the little pointed kitty parts! I'm so happy with how this entire costume turned out, and that I finally made catwoman! 

Personal Notes // I'm so happy to finally do Selina!!! She's one of my absolute favorite comic book gals, I've basically wanted to be her since I was a little girl.

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