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Character | Gruntilda
Series | Banjo-Kazooie

Construction Notes // Costume is made of 4 way stretch blue vinyl. Leotard, boot covers, weird not glove/arm warmer things, and various tubes all made by me! Sash is milskin spandex. Both wigs used were purchased from ebay. Capezio dance tights. Even though this costume was super easy it was kinda a pain get it fitting right because I was wearing 2 push up bras and I ended up having to put darts in it.

Personal Notes // One of my favorite psylocke costumes!! I love any excuse to use vinyl, it's such a fun sexy material to work with. I also got to shoot this costume with Ron, who's always amazing to work with, and Tif & Krista! So I have a lot of good memories in this costume.

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