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Character | Strawberry
Series | No More Heroes // Bizarre Jelly Girls

Construction Notes // Wow I made a lot of bows!! had a red pair of heels from anther costume, made socks out of wet look spandex, made and attached bows. Made underwear out of spandex & hand sewed on the lace, took a bra, cut it to the right shape and covered it by hand in spandex, then hand sewed on lace. Made hair bows and sewed on little combs, interfaced some red spandex and hand sewed on lace for my head piece. The cape was the hardest part I think! I had to kind of drape it on myself - it's this really weird non-stretch fabric that kinda looks like wet look (which is why I used it) and lined it in organza, then hand sewed on the black lace all around! There was a lot of hand sewing of lace that went into this costume, basically. Wig purchased from ebay.

Personal Notes // I absolutely love no more heroes, I hope to cosplay from it a lot more!!!

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