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Character |  Porrim Maryam
Series | Homestuck/MSPA

Construction Notes // I worked on the dress from 10:00pm to 5:30am after seeing the update it was in, plus one extra daylight savings hour, so the costume took me 8 1/2 hours to make! The dress is a princess seam bodice, which I serged and didn’t line to save time, connected to two circle skirts with horse hair hems & two layers of black gathered organza between them to give the skirt more lift. I happened to have green fabric for the bow tie, green fabric for the leggings, horse hair, black organza, and black cotton sateen laying around, which I used for the costume. I had a bunch of buttons which I spray painted gold, and a black belt from my Mom Lalonde costume. The belt buckle was simply made with craft foam. I previously cosplayed Porrim so I already had her horns, piercings, make up and wig!! Horns made with model magic and connected to a headband.

Personal Notes // Porrim is my patron troll, I adore her and this is definitely one of her cutest outfits!! I'm really happy I got to make it.

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