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Character | Queen Mera
Series | DC Bombshells

Construction Notes // Ordered a hat from ebay, attached green spandex trim and hand sewed it, ordered the wig from ebay as well. Bought a gold chain in the nyc garment district and the anchor necklace as purchased on etsy. The bracelets were purchased in the costume jewelry district in nyc. The belt is mad from gold spandex with two layers of neoprene inside and two lines of top stitching. The mera M is made of craft foam, covered in matching spandex, the belt closes with velcro. The bathing suit is lined in spandex, front panel is a holographic scale print i found at spandex house, white band on the top of the bathing suit is hand sewn on with some fat elastic inside of it. the sash is chiffon, napkin hemmed with a serger. The shoes started as plain wedged i BUTCHERED and attached a fuck load of fabric to using a combination of hot glue and hand sewing. The sea shells on the costume are real sea shells, spray painted gold and hot glued on..

Personal Notes // I fall more and more in love with Mera & this design the more issues of bombshells I read.

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