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Character | Fionna the Human
Series | Adventure Time

Construction Notes // 4 panel bunny suit facing of matte satin, two layers of thick twill and cotton lining, steel boning and steel stays, fat plastic zipper up the back. Bunny tail attached with hooks and eyes.. Bolero is made from satin, collar interfaced. Cuffs and collar are made from interfaced cotton sateen, buttons were painted lime green, bow tie is stuffed with batting to make it extra cartoony. Wig was purchased from ebay, cut & styled with a razor. Bunny hat is made of fleece, ears stuffed with batting and wire to keep them more upright. Thigh highs purchased from We Love Color, then blue satin elastic hand tacked on for the stripes! Shoes bought from a local store. Pink sword & Cake plush made by LittleCosm.

Personal Notes // Back at it again with the bunny girls!!! I love them so much, and as always I'm weak for mookie's designs, I thought this Fionna was super cute without being too sexy!!

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