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Character | Kanaya Maryam
Series | Homestuck/MSPA

Construction Notes // 4 piece bunny suit, steel boning & stays, interfaced,  lined & interlined, big fat plastic zipper up the back. Ears are interfaced satin with wire inside of them to keep them up, butt ruffle is organza with horse hair in it & layers of tulle between to make it poofy. Tail attaches with hooks & eyes. Collar and cuffs are cotton sateen, shoes were painted with angelus leather paint & glosses. Body paint is ben nye grey & white mixed together. I was not really happy with the fit of this bunny suit, but I'm really happy this group came together the way it did!! I also made Karina/Roxy's bunny suit for this group!

Personal Notes // I love bunny suits and I LOVE jasmine's designs, so I really had my heart set on doing this group but it was definitely an exercise in patience and organization. Thank you so much everyone who was in it and helped make it happen, and our photographers for putting up with with such a HUGE group of people. I think I've learned my lesson to never do groups bigger than 5 people especially when the costumes need to match because it gets really difficult to wrangle that many people. Also, wearing body paint at otakon is a miserable experience.

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