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Character | Catherine
Series | Catherine

Construction Notes // I was really gung ho about it when I first started this costume and spent ages looking for the perfect lace (which I found! it has hearts on it) and getting off white fabric for my skirt and top, and white fabric for the bra, and lace, and just put a lot of time into it. Added some model magic to my heel to make it thicker, and painted the shoes white and tan (they were originally blue), got sheer white stockings & seam ripped off the original lace and replaced it with the heart lace. The top is boned in the places boning shows through on her figure (back seams, and front seams). I sort of phoned in the boob cups since at that point I'd been struggling with the stupid thing for half a day (and working on the costume for months) and I was just DONE, but in the end I don't think it looked too bad. The Bra was a super mega push up bra that I covered in pure white spandex and hand sewed lace onto, I also replaced the straps on the bra with appropriate lace. This was my very first attempt at drill curls and unfortunately made from some crappy wig store wigs at the last minute after I screwed up using my original wig, fibers were too short and generally pretty bad quality but I tried to make it work. The fibers are hot glued around a wire & clear tape drill curl base, both on the outside and inside which as a huge pain. Wires extend into the wig & bend to lay flat against my head, keeping the curls very upright.

Personal Notes // I can't believe HOW much I love Catherine, it's such a perfect game, so much fun to play & I love every character. I sold this costume in 2012 but I'd really like to remake it & wear her again!

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