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Character | Hime
Series | Crunchyroll

Construction Notes // Shoes are vinyl boot covers, lined in white jersey so the white is totally opaque, covering a pair of simple heels. The inverted black V and gold bits are sewn in, along with the top cuff at the top, which is interfaced cotton sateen. Black matte spandex sewn into a tub, flipped right side out with some elastic in the center for structure. Box is made out of craft foam, fabric is hot glued around it, then glued to the band. Skirt and top are made from a poly material that sort of reminded me of a dupioni - I wanted something with a little texture. To get the pattern on the fabric I cut the length that would be the skirt (separate piece from the top), folded it into pleats and marked where I wanted the designs to be, then threw it through my embroidery machine - I got the design from google images and just did a very simple digitizing. Once that was done I pleated it like a normal skirt. It's attached to the inside of the 'obi' belt. The yellow 'obi' belt is made from some kind of poly stretch cotton, bow is interfaced, red cord is hand sewn down, and the back is a separating zipper. The tails on the obi are a separate piece that attach over the zipper via velcro. They're made from the same material as the yellow obi, but before I assembled it I heat n bonded orange fabric to the bottom and satin stitched it down. The orange top I made first, then marked where I wanted the designs and put it in the embroidery machine, once that was done I attached the lining and closed it by attaching the white neck piece. Arm band is color matched orange jersey, with an extra embroidered piece from the fabric of the skirt/stop cut out and heat and bonded on. Little black piece is just craft foam with matte spandex hot glued over it. Hair bow is cotton sateen, but in some of these pictures it's my bow from my idol costume since I left my regular one at home. The wig was a short with I sewed wefts into, and a long curly wig I turned into a clip on pony tail by using a big banana clip. I airbrushed the bottom of the wig white, which KINDA worked, but was not the most effective. There are definitely wig stylers who have done a better job than I did.        

Personal Notes // It was such an honor to get to be Hime! Thank you Victoria Holden for offering me the position, I had a wonderful time. And thank you Alf for shooting - you are talented and fun to work with as ever!

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