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Character | Daoko GIRL
Series | GIRL video

Construction Notes // Wig purchased from ebay, came with the buns already made, they just needed to be attached (I seriously just hot glued them on, yolo). Headband was covered with cotton sateen i had sitting on my shelf by hand, then flowers from Micheals were glued to it. The gloves and thigh highs are made out cotton jersey I bought at the loft in LA, the toppers are interfaced on one side with the big zig zag to make it extra crisp, pink band around it is satin elastic hand tacked, the yellow stars are made out of craft paper, they're just folded/bent to give a 3 dimensional look. The same goes for the thigh toppers. The panties are made from the cotton jersey from the loft, made some scalloped trim and ruffled it. The two is made from 2 layers of mesh and was extremely annoying to pattern because of how weirdly long it is. I had a pretty difficult time making this costume simply because of how many sheer, slippery fabrics I had to work with. 

Personal Notes // This costume is pretty out of character for me, but I liked the design so I went for it, plus Jason made an incredible Daoko Girl wand and I always love an excuse to use his work with a costume. Shot the same day as my Mememe sets by Jessie! I can't believe how many amazing photos she took in such a short time!! 

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