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Character | Midoriya Izuku
Series | My Hero Academia

Construction Notes // Shoes bought from taobao 2 sizes too big, bought new laces but otherwise they were perfect! Body suit fabric was bought from The Loft in LA, then dyed with some green poly dye to get the shade closer to what I wanted. It's some kind of poly sports fabric, 2 way stretch. White fabric is double knit white jersey. I made a mock of and patterned in the white pieces, I also chose to make the body suit raglan sleeve, since I thought it would make the stripes on the arms look better. invisible zipper up the front of the costume. Based my glove pattern on man gloves I got from Walmart and seam ripped, outside is 2 way stretch pleather, lined in fleece to fill them out. I wanted them to be too big for my hands to give the My Hero ham hands effect. This was an enormous pain in the ass but I'm very happy with the effect so it was worth it. The knee and elbow pads are made from matte vinyl, the pad itself is craft foam covered in that vinyl and then glued onto the pads. Top and bottom of the knee and elbow pads are filled with fleece to make it more dimensional. The belt and pouches are made from pleather, bought the front closure at a trim store, pouches are full of batting. Wig was bought from taobao.

Personal Notes // I am absolutely overwhelmed with how much I love this series, it's all the good part of a shonen series and none of the bad, really gets my blood pumping! Thank you tayla for always painting perfect freckles on my face!

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