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Character |  Roxy Lalonde
Series | Homestuck/MSPA

Construction Notes // Leotard is matte vinyl, boot covers and gloves are also matte vinyl, the belt is regular vinyl covering craft foam with spray painted googley eyes on top and a heart picture frame jessie found for me at micheals also spray painted!! The pink tops of the boot covers and gloves are craft foam, the thigh toppers have spray painted studs on them! The feather shoulder piece is heat molded craft foam with feathers glued on top, and attached to the leotard with Velcro. The necklace is feather trim sewn together with spray painted beads strung in between them closed with a hook and eye. The tail is wire with batting glued around it and the spade shape is made out of craft foam, then covered in black metallic spandex, it stays in place by just jamming it into my tights. The wings n the head and wings on my back are made the same way, with craft foam, hot glue, fabric and tape! The head wings I can attach and detach from a headband under my wig so they're removable and super secure! The wings go into the back of the leotard and stay in place because of wire and being jammed into my bra!

Personal Notes // These designs are FLAWLESS I had a great time making & wearing these!!

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