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Character | Akira Fudo
Series | DevilmanCRYBABY

Construction Notes // wig was bought prestyled from xHeeHeex on instagram, who absolutely nailed it! Shirt was bought from H&M, I shortened it and replaced the buttons with black ones (it came with white). Pants were also from H&M, taken in made shorter and thinner! This costumes really did not require very much sewing haha. Demon fangs are Scarecrow brand! 

Personal Notes // This series was super beautiful and my first introduction to devilman! I had heard of it before but it wasn't super accessible so I never got around to watching it, this series was on netflix and by a director I was already a fan of! I really loved Akira, I wish the series has been LONGER so we could have seen his and Ryo's relationship develop a little more but I guess when your series has had a dozen adaptation you don't feel the need to explain yourself. Tayla's Ryo was perfect, I'm really happy we got to wear these together cause it felt RIGHT! Adam also took some really amazing photos of us in a ridiculous location, the man is a genius.

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