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Character | Queen Mera
Series | DC Comics

Construction Notes // Trident was made for me by HeyEzra and Crown was made by Adam Burakowski constructed out of craft foam and wood filler. Bikini bottom and top are made from wool jersey, double layered, and the black on the top of the bikini is faux leather. The trims and ornaments are either necklaces hand sewn on or bracelets/earrings I took pliers to. The Cape is attached to the faux leather necklace and little elastic bands that go around my wrists. It's this insanely gorgeous silk chiffon i fell in love with at mood so it was 18$ a yard but it was totally worth it cause it's GORGEOUS. Cape is finished with a pearl hem!! Wigs are two wigs wefted together for extra comic, bought from ebay.

Personal Notes // This might be one of the most magical shooting experiences I've had in my entire life, I love flashpoint and I love the ocean!!

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