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Character | Cocona Cocomine
Series | Flip Flappers

Construction Notes // The wig was ordered from amazon, as well as the little yellow hair clip. The sailor fuku and skirt are made out of cotton sateen, the fuku is interfaced with iron on interfacing, the bias tape is single fold white bias tape just bought from a store. The little yellow piece that holds the scarf is linen heat n bonded to craft foam, and pleather heat n bonded to craft foam for the triangle. The White top is just plain white twill, watch was also bought from amazon. The skirt is cotton sateen, with satin attached to the bottom, then knife pleated. The shoes were purchased from ebay and then painted with angelus leather paint/heavily altered. 

Personal Notes // Thank you so much Krista for making us our little bunny, and Noa for shooting us! 

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