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Character | Might Guy
Series | Naruto

Construction Notes // Wig bought from epic cosplay, trimmed into a bowl cut. Vest was bought from taobao and then altered, mostly I made it shorter! Body suit is made from milskin spandex, front panel and two back panels, invisable zipper up the back. headband was bought from ebay and then taken off the original fabric & sewn onto a new headband made of cotton sateen. Orange leg warmers are cotton jersey, flatlined in fleece with matte pleather piping sewn in between the panels for the black lines! Ninja shoes were bought from taobao! 

Personal Notes // One night in 2013 me and tayla ran into a guy and lee cosplay  duo at fanime and realized what our destiny was. This shoot happened on one of the most magical weekends of my life, thank you so much Oscar for shooting us!!!

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