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Character | Vriska Serket
Series | Homestuck/MSPA

Construction Notes // Entire costume is made from milskin spandex, which I got from Spandex House in nyc. Boots were purchased then altered with pleather cuffs added, and painted with angelus leather paint. Hood is interfaced with some STRONG interfacing, then stuffed with batting to keep a cute shape. Horns are made from model magic, attached to a headband & just poke through the hood through holes. I used Ben Nye water based grey & white mixed for my make up. Wings are made from clear plastic I purchased at Micheal's crafts, sandwiching wire to keep the shape by using spray adhesive.
Personal Notes // This particular design is the first one in homestuck I ever liked, even before I read it. Vriska seemed like the character I'd really be into at first but she quickly changed into the kinda character I HATE, despite that I always felt the times she was the most likable as when the story was exploring her relationship with John & Terezi.

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