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Character | Homura Akemi
Series | Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Construction Notes // I used a basic long sleeved shirt pattern to draft the top, then altered it. The facing is made of cotton satin, the lining is plain old cotton (which was really stupid of me in retrospect, I could have used cotton satin for the inside too and made it stretch more...). The skirt and fuku are made out of suiting. The skirt is just a basic box pleated skirt with a 3/4 circle skirt underneath with ruffles sewn to it. The top was quite the endeavor and I'm pretty sick of seeing bias tape not gonna lie. As for the tights Tara was the most wonderful friend and painted my tights for me while they were on my legs with fabric paint. Wig from Fantasy Sheep. Hand band is plastic with cotton sateen on the bias hand sewn over it, gems glued on.

Personal Notes // Homura is such an important character to me, I love her and I love Madoka with all my heart. I'm so happy I got to wear her with Jessie!!!

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