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Character | Howl Pendragon
Series | Howl's Moving Castle

Construction Notes // Shoes bought from a local store in NYC, wig borrowed from JK Cosplay. Pants are made from a poly blend that used to be curtains in my house, super tight and high wasited, closes with an invisible zipper up the side. Shirt is made from white cotton sateen, gathered sleeves, cuffs, yolk and lace trim. Coat is made from matte satin for the pink and blue, and the gold trim is dupioni silk. Jacket was made very boxy, diamonds were heat n bonded on, dupioni trim was hand sewn on. Shoulder pads to make the shoulders look full and big, jacket is just safety pinned to the shoulders of my white shirt.

Personal Notes // Cosplaying with Mara is always a blessing, she's such a beautiful Sophie, I hope we can wear these again!!!

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