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Character | Huntress
Series | DC Comics

Construction Notes // Shoes were a pair of knee high boots, cut and taken in. Leather was heat n bonded to the rim of the bottom of the shoe. The purple details on the top of the shoes are leather and neoprene sewn together and top stitched then glued on. Thigh high socks are metallic black spandex with leather heat n bonded to craft foam for belts. Pouches are sheep skin leather interfaced with tulle, matching do it yourself buttons, close with velcro. Belt on the top of the thigh highs stays closed via a snap. The knee armor is leather heat n bonded to craft foam, stays on with a band of matching black metallic spandex around the back of the knee. Black leg warmer things are the same spandex and two layers of neoprene, top stitched and held together with a thing strip of the same spandex in the front. The belts are all sheep skin leather heat n bonded to craft foam. The body suit is black metallic spandex and matte white vinyl, lined in milskin, sewn in cross, zip up the back. The belt buckle was made by my room mate Dr teng!! he cut a plastic ball in half then air brushed the inside and i think it looks SO GOOD!!!! The belt is more leather heat n bond n craft foam, and more tulle and leather pouches, super glued on. the leather straps attach to my shoulders with hammer on snaps. The mask is worbla and heat n bond and leather, with an elastic band that goes around my head to keep it on. The cape is spandex that I dyed with red poly dye to get it to a better color to match the leather and i honestly CAN'T BELIEVE that it did!!! the cape slips over my head!! the gloves are gusseted gloves with seam lines sewn in and after wearing the costume once i put elastic on top of them to keep them in place better! the piece on top of the gloves is craft foam heat n bonded to leather, kept on with elastic!! Staff and gold diddles were also made by my room mate!!! thank you so much adam!!!!

Personal Notes // Huntress is the self insert batman character I would have made as a 13 year old and I'm very happy I got to cosplay her!! Also doing Huntress/Question photos with my room mate, they were a huge highlight for me when watching JLU

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