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Character | Narciso Anasui
Series | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Construction Notes // all fabrics bought from spandex world!! Boot covers put over some little shoes, all the "footprints" made by hot gluing spandex over craft foam. Glues the foot prints to the bootcovers. Leg warmers are spandex lined in neoprene top stitched at the top and bottom, zippers were very annoying to put in. Fishnets made from gold spandex, tiny tubes turned inside out which took HOURS OFF MY LIFE. Skirt made from metallic spandex, lined in jersey. Matching panties made from spandex. Skirt made from gold spandex, hand sewn to the outside of the skirt, several layers of neoprene inside of it to give it volume. Arm bands made from metallic spandex and 2 layers of neoprene, top stitched. Shirt made from SWEAT AND TEARS, the bulk of it is metallic spandex lined in neoprene, the front is all those stupid little gold tubes. Foot prints held onto my chest with velcro and double stick tape. Wig purchased from amazon, little hat made out of craft foam and fabric, metal studs put on for the circles. horns made out of craft foam, the whole hat attaches to the wig with velcro.

Personal Notes // I can't believe how much fun I had being this trash goblin with Krista!!

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