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Character | Daiya Higashikata
Series | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Construction Notes // top is a stretchy short fur fabric that's super soft & warm with a heart shaped spandex cut out & hood with bear ears hand sewed on. Belt was bought at a trim store and the belt piece were made by CeruleanDraco! They were then glued onto the belt and the belt closes behind one of the ovals to hide the closure. The elastic for the garters and spandex is all custom dyed, and i made the thigh highs myself, they're dyed spandex and wet look spandex!!! Shoes were bought and altered, painted light purple an glued black flowers onto them!!! Wig bought from Ayanamisatoru.

Personal Notes // Made for a group, I actually ended up really enjoying wearing her & I was super happy to wear her again with Krista who wore the Yasuho costume I made with me!

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