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Character | Jolyne Kujo
Series | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Construction Notes // wig was purchased from taobao in 2012. all i did was trim the bangs! top is made and self lined in wet look spandex, the white lines and trim are white matte vinyl. Skirt had to be interfaced since it's not really stretched out at all it sat really weird until I interfaced it. Closes with snaps, little green diddles are pleather heat n bonded to craft foam, which attach with Velcro over the closure of the skirt. Shoes are boot covers with a band of the green pleather around the top to keep them up since they're not very tight/intended to be slouchy. Squares are pieces of craft foam with glittery craft paper from micheals hot glued on, studs are actual studs i just stuck in the squares, then hot glued the squares to the boot covers. Green pleather hot glued to the heel of the shoes over the boot covers. The top, like the skirt, has the white lines sewn in but it sucked more bc they were all coming to a point. made a top, drew lines on it, cut it apart and sewed it back together with white lines between all the cuts. The 4 pieces that go down are attached to a pair of underwear to keep them taught (also made out of wet look spandex). Heart/butterfly is also made out of craft foam and craft paper from micheals, along with some rhinestones!

Personal Notes // I got hit with a love of Stone Ocean so hard and so fast it's unreal. I'm so happy with how amazing this shoot was, Krista & Tayla are perfect jail birds & Adam did an amazing job shooting!

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