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Character | Jolyne Kujo
Series | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Construction Notes // Bought the wig from taobao, didn't do anything to it besides trim the bangs. Top is made from  vinyl i found at Spandex World in NYC, lined in black spandex. It's attached with big snaps to a pair of underwear to keep the dangley pieces taught. The heart is made from vinyl, craft foam, hot glue, and various papers from the scrapbooking section of micheals, attaches with velcro to the top. Shorts are a spandex I got in the LA garment district, lined in a thick cozy jersey. The JOJO! is e6000ed on with rhinestones I bought from top trimming in nyc. The belt is 2 payers of neoprene inside of a vinyl tube, closes with snaps. Belt buckle is made from craft foam, hot glue and wood filler and i'm quite proud of it. Plastidipped, painted, and glossed myself, then e6000ed matching rhinestones inside of it. The arm band is matching whacky vinyl. The boot covers are the same whacky vinyl with a vinyl & neoprene cuff at the top. The squares are made from craft foam with glitter paper hot glued over them and studs purchased from ebay painted and slammed into the middle of them. they were attached to the bootcovers with hot glue. The butterfly tatt/star birthmark is a temporary tattoo i bought from taobao.

Personal Notes // I love Joyne Kujo, a half japanese american girl who kicks ass is something that speaks to me on a deeply personal level.

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