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Character | Josuke Hagashikata
Series | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Construction Notes // shoes were purchased from a good will, painted with angelus leather paint and then the gold shoe diddes were hand sewn on afterwards. Pants and top made out of non stretch satin. For the pants the pattern was very basic, just big at the bottom and gathered! I really could not decide what I wanted to do with the fit on the top, I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out but such is life. I think was just thrown off by how weird and curvy Araki draws Josuke, so I went with a pattern that really accentuated my hips. The lapel is holographic spandex, interfaced. The tank top is holographic gold spandex, the same material used to make the heart and peace sign, which are craft foam covered in spandex with gems glued on. The wig is 2 wigs combined, which I'm also not sure how I feel about. It was my first Josuke wig, and considering that it ain't too shabby.  

Personal Notes // I wish I lived in Morioh, that place is magical. Thank you so much Adam for shooting us, these pictures make me feel warm and fuzzy.

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