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Character | Okuyasu Nijimura
Series | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Construction Notes // shoes were purchased from a good will, painted with angelus leather paint and then the gold shoe diddes were hand sewn on afterwards. socks and leotard are both made from matching fabric, milskin spandex. I learned that making long pleated skirts sucks, I think i ended up getting 5-6 yards of fabric for this costume in total. fuku/skirt/top is made from cotton sateen. I heat n bonded metallic gold spandex to the sleeves before i seed them on, then satin stitched the designs on with god metallic thread. Same for the trim on the collar. scarf made from gold metallic spandex, interfaced. wig is a grey wig cut up and fabric glued into a better situation with a clip on ponytail as the pomp. belts were purchased and then gold diddles added, they're just god metallic spandex heat n bonded to styrene! yen and dollar signs made from gold glitter paper - love that craft section at micheals!!!

Personal Notes // Okuyasu and Josuke's friendship brings me the utmost joy, I'm so so happy I got to cosplay this with Tayla!!

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