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Character | Yukako Yamagishi
Series | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Construction Notes // bought shoes on ebay, painted them with fabric paint, socks purchased from target. The skirt is pearl hemmed on the bottom, invisible zipper up the side. It's a fitted high waisted skirt with a gathered circle skirt on the bottom! The top is a sailor fuku, whole costume is made from really nice twill the purple is a satin. The design on the top is heat n bonded on the satin stiched around it, wig was ordered from ebay. Roses on the shoulders were bought in the nyc garment district. Bought the wig on ebay and didn't do a thing to it, it's just a lacefront wig!

Personal Notes // Yuako is by far my favorite yandere character because she grows and learns!! I thought her storyline was wonderful.

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