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Character | Yukako Yamagishi
Series | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Construction Notes // Made from matte satin orange fabric and green cotton sateen. Top is a basic sailor fuku, interfaced one side of the collar, appliqued on the outline of the green design, heat n bonded little orange circles inside of it. Little roses are bought iron on from Daytona Trim in nyc. Skirt is an aline skirt with a ruffle on the bottom. Made the pink socks out of jersey, painted a pair of loafers with angelus leather paint. Bought the little diddles on the top of her shoes at Pacific trim and painted them green, then hand sewed them to the shoes. Was as ordered from ebay.

Personal Notes // I love Yukako & had such a great time cosplaying her with my friend Lily!! They make such an amazing Koichi, the romance was real.

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