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Character | Kagome Higurashi
Series | Inuyasha

Construction Notes // Thank you so much Jason/CeruleanDraco for making my bow!!! Made the top from a really lovely thick stretch cotton, and a stupidly expensive wool suiting that I feel in love with for kagome's green. gathered the sleeves a little bit for added puff, stripes are bias tape, and made the pleated skirt with a box pleat in the middle since it looked like it was often drawn that way to me even though it makes no sense. This was my first time making a real faced collar and i stressed but in the end I'm pretty happy with how it came out! Wig purchased from Taobao, shoes bought from Marshall's.

Personal Notes // Inuyasha was such a big part of what got me into anime growing up, and i have so many really precious memories that have something to do with it, I'm really happy i finally got the chance to cosplay it with my friends!!!!

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