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Character | Kaiji Itou
Series | Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji

Construction Notes // wig was purchased from arda in the style of Jareth, i didn't do too much to it! It's probably a little too poofy but I really liked how cartoony it looked! Jacket was purchased from ebay and then i added the fur collar (fur from the LA garment district), the patches were designed by my friend Skye based off of the figure since it changes too much in the series. I then used those images and made patches using my embroidery machine! because there's so many of them this took FOREVER and I spent about a solid 12 hours making and sewing them on to the jacket. Jeans were purchased from good will, then taken in. Belt from good will. Shoes from ebay, then painted with a custom angelus leather paint mix. Shirt from old navy. The back patch was printed out on to iron on transfer paper by Kat & Adam since I had so much trouble with it. Ironed it onto a piece of thick white cotton twill, hand sewn into the back of the jacket. The RPS cards were also made by Kat!!! They printed the cards out double sided & lamented them, they're gorgeous!! My nose was made by pompberry!!! She made a full face cast and sculpted it, then cast it out of latex i believe!

Personal Notes // The future is on our hands!!!!! Kaiji is such an incredible series I'm so so happy I finally got to cosplay my best boy!!!! I had such an amazing time shooting with Adam, this was everything i've ever dreamed of.

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