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Character | Kaiji Itou
Series | Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji

Construction Notes // wig was purchased from arda in the style of Jareth, i didn't do too much to it! It's probably a little too poofy but I really liked how cartoony it looked! Pants were purchased from good will, then taken in. Shoes from ebay, then painted with a custom angelus leather paint mix. Made the grey shirt out of cotton jersey and then poorly painted it. Green shirt made from flannel i bought in the L.A. Garment district by me. My nose was made by pompberry!!! She made a full face cast and sculpted it, then cast it out of latex i believe!

Personal Notes // Season 2 of Kaiji is when i really knew I loved it, I'm so glad I got to wear this costume around los vegas.

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