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Character | Roxy Lalonde
Series | Homestuck/MSPA

Construction Notes // This is actually my first real kimono, which was very exciting to me!! The facing is a really lovely gradient silk I found, then embroidered a bunch of kitty cats onto, then painted stripes with fabric paint, then embroidered all the flowers on to, the lining is a light purple cotton. The faux obi is made from brocade, and cotton sateen, which is also used on the collar of my kimono. The hair bow is made from extensions, hot glue and craft foam. The Kanzashi is fake flowers and the ends of a cheap paper fan dremmeled for the correct shape. The miniskirt is jersey with elastic lace straight stretch stitched on!

I'm actually really thrilled with how this costume came out - I feel like it's one of the first really pretty costumes I've made in a while? It also took me much longer than most of my projects take me just from the sheer amount of embroidery!

Personal Notes // Growing up I used to  go to summer & spring festivals with my dad and this is the first time I wore a kimono since I was a little kid and used to do that!!! It was really nice, I was really happy getting to wear this.

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