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Character | Ryuko Matoi
Series | Kill La Kill

Construction Notes // Ears are interfaced double knit jersey and armature wire wrapped around a headband, sailor fuku is mega dark blue cotton sateen interfaced, and bias tape hand finished. The little tie is the same material as the ears, interfaced on one side. The facing for the bunny suit is the same cotton sateen as the fuku, interfaced with some nice strong twill, interlining was EVEN STRONGER twill, lined in cotton. 24 pieces of steel boning + 2 1/2" steel stays. Senketsu's eye patch is made from matte vinyl, glued on top of craft foam, his eye is made from heat n bonded vinyl, glue/heat n bonded onto curved craft foam. Both are attached to the suit with Velcro! Big fluffy bunny tail attaches over the zip with hooks + eyes, gear is made from matching matte vinyl + craft foam, little silver diddles are just spray painted styrene, everything connects with velcro/snaps! Glove is a 2 piece thing, a bracelet and a glove made from craft foam and red wet look spandex! Little wrist cuff is the same cotton sateen with big ass bias tape, hand sewn, and a little elastic band on the inside to keep it secure!!! Sword made by CeruleanDraco.

Personal Notes // My friend jasmine designed these klk bunnies and I immediately knew I had to do them!!! I'm usually really picky about fan designs but jasmine nails it every time, and i love how spunky/tom boy looking this costume still is despite being a bunny suit!!!

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