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Character | Beast
Series | Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

Construction Notes // Made the bodice out of 4 way stretch vinyl, lined in black jersey, little bit of steel boning. Bought suspender clips from a trim store and attached them to my top.  Hand sewed sequins all over the red fabric and fray checked the edges of it. Skirt is vinyl, tights/gloves are regular fish net at NYCC and hexagons (the right shape) at katsucon! Made them out of 2 pairs of forever21 tights, which is kinda sloppy for the gloves but i wanted that shape. Fabric painted the diamonds onto white cotton sateen for the fabric on my thigh highs. Wig is attached to the headband, and the front of the hair is my actual hairline. Shoes purchased from amazon. Whip bought from ebay.

Personal Notes // The circus arc is my favorite one in Kuroshitsuji, and I adore Beast's design!

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