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Character | Lady Loki
Series | Marvel

Construction Notes // Wig is from arda, lacefront long wavy wig. Gold piece in the wig are attached with tiny clips, which were hot glued to the back of the gold pieces. The gold pieces were purchased in the garment district. The cape is actually reused from my Bunny Girl Loki I made in 2012, it's a lot of faux fur, which I added some depth to by spraying it with brown sharpie ink and an alcohol dye mixture. The inside of the cape is faux suede, which is just spray adhesived on. The body suit is made of metallic spandex, the top is just a self lined V neck tank top basically - the rest of the body suit (which is patterned sort of like an underbust jumper) is backed with neoprene. The square pattern is sewn on, I just marked the back of the fabric and sewed on a wide stitch so it would still retain some stretch. The belt/loin cloth is made of faux leather, and craft foam, with metal pieces I bought in the garment district glued on. The fabric of the loin cloth is some kind of dupioni silk, which I chose because of the texture. Boots were purchased online, altered the shape of the front of them, and painted them with Angelus Leather paint. The wrist/arm bands are the same faux-leather as the belt, with painted braided trim hand sewn on top. The head piece is made from a headband, turned on its side, the main part of the head piece is craft foam, covered in metallic spandex. The 'Horns' are metallic spandex, lined in neoprene, stuffed with batting and wire to keep the shape and stability. I am not well versed in armor/propwork and this was really the only way I could figure out to get the horns to be as big as I needed them, while still light enough to not fall off/over. It looked okay from certain angles, hah.       

Personal Notes // I do love those bishojou figures! And thank you Alf for shooting, these photos are absolutely stunning.  

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