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Character | Yoshiko Tsushima AKA "Yohane"
Series | Love Live! Sunshine

Construction Notes // Straight up bought everything from taobao! It was really fantastic quality and basically only required taking it in for a better fit, and adding some hand sewn security and snaps to make sure it would stay put while shooting. Very stoked we live in a timeline where we can buy costumes this beautiful because making this by hand would have been a nightmare. 

Personal Notes // I don't know much about Love Live but I'm always looking for a good opportunity to take cute photos with my friends - and a kind soul from my patreon funded this costume, which I'm so grateful for! Sarah and I truly rocked these costumes and had a great day in lil tokyo together with our photographer, Adam! Thanks so much both of you for spending time shooting with me! The photos turned out amazing, and I'll treasure them always.

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