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Character | Lulu Yurigasaki
Series | Yuri Kuma Arashi

Construction Notes // Made by me and Jessie together so it's kinda hard to say who made what. Jessie patterned and made our tops, and our petticoats, my skirt and all the bows were made by me, bear feet and bear paws made by me. These costumes were a little more time intensive than we originally thought. Bear paws/feet are made of faux fur, and the pink parts on the pas are heat n bonded & satin stitched on, little claws are just craft foam glued on, costumes are made of cotton sateen with black matte satin accents. petticoats are tulle and organza and ribbon. I ordered both of our wigs from taobao.

Personal Notes // me and jessie saw these designs ages ago and fell in love with how cute and stupid they were, and ended up watching the anime while we worked on them! I'm really happy we got to wear these together, they were surprisingly comfortable, and i'm super happy i got to be lulu!! she was my favorite character in the series!

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